What is a Poker Run? U in the Incredible videos HERE???

It is not a race, but, it IS THE MOST EXCITING THING YOU CAN DO ON THE WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is more like a car rally without any point penalties for missing a stop. Scenic cruise routes are chosen, specific docks/boat checkpoints are visited, and cards are picked up, usually via a long handled fishnet.

Sometimes there is a lunch spot stop, or photo and video helicopters are chasing you, and there is always a party at the end where cards are examined, and the high hand wins!

Many poker runs are organized for charity purposes. There are several poker runs on the Chesapeake Bay every summer. Call us for details.....they are not inexpensive to participate in (double or triple normal daily rates), but it is an experience YOU AND YOUR GUESTS WILL LONG REMEMBER AS ONE OF THE MOST THRILLING THINGS YOU HAVE DONE IN YOUR LIFETIME!!!!!!

These videos show you why poker runs are just about the most exciting thing you can do on a boat. Copy and paste them into your browser..




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